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It's hard to believe that this is the first full length LP from We Were Evergreen, the trio of cheeky Parisians who have given support to everyone from Emeli Sande and Goldfrapp since popping up on the UK scene in 2010.

Whilst it may have taken them nearing five years to commit to Towards, they are no strangers to many ears with their chameleonic mix of indie pop and catchy folk. Classically trained in one of France's most prestigious music schools, Paris Conservatoire de Musique, the band embrace a non-exclusive approach to their music with each member swapping instrument at every given opportunity.

From banjo, xylophone and charango, there is no guessing what lies around the next bridge and this flirtatious approach allows for a wonderfully fun and flighty quality to shine through the layers of cheering melodies. Characteristically twee but at the same time meatier than other reincarnations, Towards feels as if the band are finally come of age whilst striking balance between sugary and quirky.

The band are clearly keen to not go into their album all guns blazing though as instrumental opener '///' slips ears in gently. This trend for less than minute long soundscapes introductions is nothing more than indulgent but maybe like an acquired French amuse-bouche, it is the quiet before the aural feast that is the rest of the album.

Previously released single 'Daughter' serves up some truly innovative beats in turn as bouncy vocals provide a hook to sink teeth into. With synth filled reflective moments in mix, We Were Evergreen teases out the climatic highs with apparent ease and maturity that has evidently been honed in their frequent live shows.

In comparison 'Quicksand' provides a more hulking and tougher beast on the album as the lyrics "we've landed in the deep end" give away the sentiment of where the track is headed. Full of dark retrospect, it is songwriting like this that gives Towards a bitter bite in the appropriate places. After all it can't all be saccharine and cupcakes, although it still has a long way to being morose.

It is possible that the band have taken influence from one time tour mates Metronomy, as 'Belong' takes on a decidedly laid back feel with its shrugging chimes and carefree delivery. Once the drums step it up a notch, hints of exuberance peep from behind the relaxed composition.

'Tambourine Like A Crown' is a standout moment where similarity can be sought with hippie alternatives Beaty Heart. Carefree and upbeat in places, it no doubt will help the band through festival season.

Closing with the twiddly and folksy 'Kilmore's End', We Were Evergreen prove the lengthy time taken in producing twelve tracks for release has been well spent as every side of their musical prowess and whimsy has been explored. A considered but playful overdue debut, Towards will no doubt sustain and serve them well as head onwards and upwards.

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