Label:Fat Cat Release date: 12/04/10 We Were Promised Jetpacks official Myspace The latest EP by We Were Promised Jetpacks, sees the band take a slightly different path from their previous efforts. Starting with 'A Far Cry', the vocals have a distinctly distant quality to them, and although initially subdued, this track has some magnificent drumming at the end. The awesome drumming attack is repeated (without losing its power, luckily) in 'With the benefit of hindsight', which is a track full of fear and beauty that makes you long for whatever and/or whoever yo're missing at that moment. A short instrumental song, the mantelpiece in this five song EP entitled The Last Place Where You'll Look, segues into an evocative, reflective mood; almost as if the band decided to go for something quite ambient. It's not a technique often used on EPs, but it gels it together perfectly. Taking cue from Scottish friends The Twilight Sad, two of the songs are reworked entirely. The disco rock 'Short bursts' goes down an indie, ethereal route, now with strings. Might not be the cup of tea for fans of the original, but it is an interesting take on a gem from their first cd. Same treatment goes for 'This is my house, this is my home', but the strings actually make it more beautiful than it originally was, like a spine-chilling reprise in a musical where the whole cast joins the star crossed lovers to sing the closing theme (and not a dry eye in the house). Photobucket