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I'd hate to be a musician at the end of the recording process, trying to work out which songs should be placed where and more importantly, if they haven't already done so, decide what opens the album. That album opener can be one of the most important songs on the album, inviting a listener in and exciting them. On Unravelling, We Were Promised Jetpacks have gone for a slightly unconventional approach, eschewing both the build-up track route and the explosive, knock-your-socks-off route.

On first listen that's actually a negative point, opening tracks 'Safety in Numbers' and 'Peaks and Troughs' don't particularly grab you and force you to pay attention; they're not exactly off-putting but they're not that engaging either. 'I Keep It Composed' is the first highlight of Unravelling, its steady droning pace is ear catching on the first listen, intriguing on the second and by the third or fourth listen it's hypnotic and a little bit seductive, and the handful of big moments, especially at the songs conclusion, are enough of a direction change to provide something different without being jarring.

It's a template that We Were Promised Jetpacks use to great effect throughout the course of Unravelling - 'Night Terror', 'Disconnected', 'Bright Minds' and 'Moral Compass' all have that slow and steady feel to them while more than hinting that something is coming at the end of the song. That sense of foreboding is enough to keep the listener at the very least intrigued at what's coming next, and at most actively excited. Again, this changes the more you listen to the album but I'm not sure that's because the listener knows what's coming up, it's more down to We Were Promised Jetpacks knowing how and when to play certain dynamics out on any given song; when to tease at a chorus or when to bring out the big guns, for example. In doing so, everything feels as though it's in its right place rather than a chorus, a verse or a bridge feeling forced into being used at the wrong time. The band have also retained enough of their intricate sensibilities to keep those droning songs interesting, while the rhythm section keeps trucking on the lead instruments can go off and do their own thing for a moment or two and although those little moments might seem completely unrelated they do compliment the whole, even if it's only to add an extra, superficial musical layer.

The way Unravelling gets better with every listen benefits some of the other songs that didn't jump out at the beginning. 'A Part of It' is a change of pace and tone, especially given where the song is placed on the album, and rather than just being the tonal curveball of the album it becomes a welcome change, an opportunity for We Were Promised Jetpacks to explore their lighter, musical side rather than just the darker. Those songs at the beginning, the ones with the big, Snow Patrolesque chorus', are easier to savour the more you listen to the album. I'd still argue they're completely out of sequence, but the more you listen and the more those enticing songs grab you it's easier to appreciate the other songs on the album. Besides, by the time you've listened to the album a few times you know the pace isn't going to get any quicker so the songs aren't a disappointment in the slightest. It's a shame that the two openers, the songs that are the listeners gateway into an album don't jump out straightaway.

Unravelling is an album that needs time and patience lent towards it. It's a slow-burner of a record, both in the tempo it sets and the amount of time it takes for it to reveal itself. This album doesn't explode into your consciousness and leave a whopping crater of an impression, it snakes its way slowly and gently into your musical memory banks but the impression it leaves is just the same as if it had been a forceful explosion. It's a unique case of an album title actually reflecting what's contained within; the album unravels itself on every subsequent listen. One can only hope listeners will give it that chance.

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