"Fresh off the back of a sold out debut EP (released on cassette), Weird Dreams return with a new set of tunes released this time as a limited white 12" vinyl. So before you've actually heard the music you kind of want it anyway, just as well then that the music is worthy of its vessel. With a new guitarist added to the line-up, Wierd Dreams' have beefed up their sound. It's more complex, and full, but done in a way in which none of their previous delicacy is lost. "

Thankfully the vocals still take centre stage in these new tracks. Standout track 'Faceless' sums up everything that is good about Weird Dreams, it is four minutes of infectious pop music, jangly guitar riffs, and smooth vocals. The only shame about Hypnagogic is the timing of its release. If a little more thought had been put into it, perhaps they might have realised that this is music that people are going to want to listen to outside, in summer sunshine, it's about 4 months early. That said, Weird Dreams have managed to make a fairly tedious, overcrowded genre sound really quite beautiful, and for that reason, the summer can wait. Photobucket