White Arrows, a band whom many describe as electro pop with swathes of sun drenched, tropical calypso. There are a lot of words in that sentence to assemble in your minds so lets just stick with the old adage that White Arrows' debut, Dry Land Is Not A Myth makes you want to get drunk, cannonball into the nearest pool and make out with girls. It is, like alcohol, a confidence booster.

Front man Mickey Church has led a life that began with complete darkness, having been born without sight, which was thankfully regained by the time he reached eleven years old. With respect to Church, colours are still, at this point in his life, relatively new phenomena; especially given how many who have had the gift of sight since birth disregard them. Bright, kaleidoscopic colours are all you will see once you've listened to this record. Proving that while Dry Land Is Not A Myth is a cool name, it is a hugely misleading title giving that it invokes an environment featuring yachts, bikini clad women and plenty of drinks with little umbrellas hanging off the side.

White Arrows have created a debut record that resides in a gummy drop world full of candy kisses and psychedelic acid brushed rays beating down on the senses. Water fights during a hosepipe ban; Dry Land Is Not A Myth tries to instill a level of summer rebellion not felt since I wanted to hit the pesky kid down the road from me who always seemed to have the latest super soaker – God, I hated him.

And, sure, this record isn't perfect – lulling slightly in the middle – but it does show great promise and contains more than enough substance to warrant spending a few hard earned pennies as I, for one, would relish giving them the opportunity to record a second effort.