Originally self-released as a download through their website in 2010, this well known Texan four-piece are now releasing Last Day Of Summer through Downtown Records. The album consists of, as the band put it, "tunes [that] have been bouncing around since the formation of the band in 06." It doesn't fit into their discography as a studio album, instead as an added bonus for anyone who is curious as to what the band get up to between records.

Album opener 'I'd Have It Just The Way We Were' is a different version from that previously available on 2009's Fits and the catchy drum beats and tasty guitar work are a good indicator that whilst this isn't considered an official release, White Denim are still out to impress and convert. As we snake through the songs that, for one reason or another, haven't made the cut over the years, you notice that the sounds vary hugely from song to song. From the indie rock 'Tony Fatti' to the Bluesy 'Champ' and the Fleet Foxes-esque 'If You're Changing', this is a band who love to see where different directions can take them, and are never afraid to change or experiment. There's something for almost everyone in here, with accessible pop songs, movements in other directions and enough variety to challenge anyone who thought they had White Denim all figured out.

Whereas similar releases from other bands have usually consisted of work only accessible to the most loyal of fans, White Denim have compiled something that never alienates new or casual fans, whilst offering the more devoted something extra to quench their thirst for more material. Perhaps if this was recorded as a studio album people would be more critical, but instead the lack of scrutiny means that Last Day Of Summer is always impressing as the band flaunt their talents, and hopefully showing that they haven't run out ideas just yet.