I still remember the precise moment I first heard Vessels- They are that type of band. I was driving home from a particularly good time when Steve Lamacq played "Hey look at that cloud!" on the Evening session. My drive home quickly became the highlight of my night as I became aware I was sat in my parked car unable to part from the epic sound emerging from the stereo. Anyway, thats enough nostalgia for one review, the music Vessels have created on this album really deserves our full attention. Album opener "Altered Beast" not only made me dig out my Sega Megadrive but also left me breathless. By the time the piano came in I had found myself head over heels in love. Like most of the album that follows, the song veers through math rock time signatures, utilizing complex yet danceable structures. Walking measured steps towards completely losing it, and each time they do finally let go, it is completely mindblowing. I've listened to "post rock" for a number of years, from the early pioneers such as Mogwai, Godspeed, Explosions, DMST, all the way through to the modern day bands that are still pushing the boundaries, Caspian, Mono, Russian Circles, WEG, et al... My point is this, I'm not just name dropping, I do have one. I have never experienced anything remotely similar to the emotional weight and gravitas that hits when the piano drifts into "Yuki" with its tender call of "Far, is not far enough" Coming after the heavyweight "Look at that cloud!" has brought on multiple epiphanies and rammed them across every angle of your brain it really is almost too much for me to take, I just know I will never tire of it. Electronic beats rise from the ashes of wherever your brain left you as "Yuki" takes off on its own course and you realise... Vessels are a band not pushing the boundaries, but existing above and beyond boundaries altogether. Its hard to do music of this scale justice with words. Its something that you experience rather than listen to, its mood inducing rather than enhancing, and the louder you turn your speakers or headphones, the better it feels. For such an assured debut to pass by without a massive media buzz is almost criminal. I for one, would implore you to experience first hand all that they have to offer. See them live. Be converted. Buy a t-shirt. Scream their name at strangers. Above all, just buy this album and let it take you to places you never knew existed. 9/10