Boris Mrkonjic’s world is a strange and intriguing place. Pieced together out of fragments of history and mythological fantasies, he weaves a strange and wonderful spell that is enthralling and intriguing. His work looks like ancient relics, dug up out of the ground. That is until you notice the craft-projects materials he uses; the formboard is a give away. The mix of ancient styling and modern materials creates something that seems to come from neither era – almost otherworldly. White Ink at Ibid is Boris Mrkonjic’s first UK solo show. Ibid Projects is one of the most constant spaces in London at the moment. It has a strong sense of gallery ‘style’, always picking up exciting and interesting, emerging artists. This show certainly fits that mould. The exhibition has a good mix of drawing and sculpture, and with the objects hanging from the wall, uses the space in an appealing and dynamic way. The mix of old-science and myth is very fashionable in the art world at the moment. Religion has been rearing its head in galleries a lot recently, but not religion as we know it. Mrkonjic’s angles are not the white winged creatures we imagine from the bible, they are twisted ‘aged’ wood and cloth creations, owing a debt to paganism and magic. The atmosphere of spirituality is charged, but never falls done on a particular side. There is no religious bias just a universal air of the mystical. This show is defiantly one to visit. Boris Mrkonjic stands out from the crowd as a fascinating young artist; his work is distinctive yet still seems familiar. He plays with symbolism he knows the audience will recognise, yet twists into something completely surreal.
Boris Mrkonjic | White Ink | 9 April - 23 May 2010 Ibid Projects, 21 Vyner Street London E2 9DG