Label: Mute Release date: 17/05/10 Link: Myspace Blue-eyed soul and jangly guitars are strong flavours, too much of either and you'll be destined to wake up one day looking like Roger McGuinn or heaven forbid, Tom Jones, and not in the 1960s either, modern day Tom Jones. So with that in mind White Rabbits have put together this single, a good mixture of both elements with neither being particularly overpowering. It's a relatively unassuming song that shuffles softly with it's head down, lifting slightly for the chorus which has a nice soulful edge that is mercifully more genuine soul than bombast. This sounds similar to the sort of stuff Gomez did years and years ago. The machine gun urgency of the guitar gives hints of an exoticism that isn't really flamenco but still in some way reminiscent of some Latin flair, even if it is hard to determine exactly how. It twists and turns with a restlessness throughout, the components here combine so well to make something that is well beyond a simple total of the parts, though chances are that the astonishment will only last so long. Photobucket Header image by Steve Gullick