Venue: Relentless Garage Support Bands: IDRchitecture, Munch Munch Date: 06/07/09 It was a very exciting night to be in Islington as one of the most extraordinary Indie Hip-Hop bands were over from America once again to amaze their dedicated English fan base. The Garage was packed to honour the appearance of Why?, filled with people who were in for the world's most bizarre sing-a-long. Who would think a room would echo with phrases such as, "I am an example of a calculated birth to a star chart for clowns", or "I'll suck the marrow out and rape your hollow bones Yoni"? IDRchitecture. They draw the same absurdist parallels with Why?, but in a more upbeat pop style and the small crowd that had gathered at this stage in the evening showed a great response, even booing them when they announced their last song. Different shades of pink illuminated the stage to bring on the main act of the evening, colours that only this band could look manly in. The Wolf brothers received the highest applause, with Josiah systematically thrashing the drums and Yoni reciting the surreal spoken verses in his deadpan voice, while sometimes bashing additional drums or taking over the keyboards. The most special moments were when the connections between Why? and their audience shone out, shouting back the words to 'These Few Presidents' and even 'Good Friday', which you couldn't imagine a massive crowd would be able to recite word for word in time together. Yoni was clearly impressed as he thanked the audience for singing along, and would occasionally throw in a short call and response quirk like "Who let the dogs out!" It got more exciting towards the end as they announced that Josiah will soon be moving London. It's difficult to assess the future of the band with that news, but one things for sure, us residents are going to be tapping on the shoulder anyone with an afro from now on, and Oliver's now got one more person to be mistaken for than Albert Hammond Jr. When it seemed that they had closed their set with an epic performance of 'Sky For Shoeing Horses Under', Yoni came back on to play an extremely promising song from their upcoming album, and welcomed the rest of the band back on for the encore. A very special night indeed.