Venue: Relentless Garage Date: 08/09/09 It was a long time coming to witness the live capabilities of this band the other night. Wild Beasts' latest album, Two Dancers, accentuated their riveting qualities. Listening to that album can invoke a trance, brought about by the band's supernatural vocals and lulling, yet empowering arrangements. Once they bring this to a live environment it becomes all the more an engulfing, engrossing experience. Image and video hosting by TinyPic As smoke filled the room and a constellation of lights covered the backdrop, four silhouettes occupied the stage, and remained exactly that for the first song of the set. Through their music, although rather ordinary looking, they've always come across as a mysterious foursome, and as they played 'The Fun Powder Plot' with twice as penetrating percussion as in the recording, along with Hayden Thorpe's extra-terrestrial voice, Wild Beasts' image became magically unreal. The image was soon broken to reveal the four regular lads from Kendal, making extraordinary music, still playing with the wondrous hype that comes with their sound. Although the majority of the set was a success of transferring Wild Beasts' bewitching recordings to a live atmosphere, making the audience rave at the intros to 'Hooting and Howling', and 'Devil's Crayon', It was all let down by the inconclusive ending. As they announced their last song and played 'Empty Nest', I didn't quite believe it was over. This was more a mellow, mid-set song, not something to finish such a triumphant gig. As Wild Beasts left the stage, all indications of an encore were immediately wiped away, as the lights came on and Seal's 'Kiss From a Rose' was played. It all simply felt unfinished. Although a disappointing ending, it still did not overshadow the still magical opening that the band made, and in hindsight, that finishing song almost felt like an invitation to come back to see Wild Beasts finish properly. Some time soon I'll see them again, and I'll see them play a finish to do their set at Relentless Garage justice.