Label: Domino Release date: 03/08/09 Website: Buy Amazon The recent subjects of the Radar feature are just a week away from releasing this enthralling second album. It's complete with light, pattering rhythms that are mechanical and almost tribal, which ritualistically back the massaging, drifting vocals, projecting sounds of renegade creatures and alliterative, winsome lyrics. Featured on Two Dancers is the song that was a hit in the most recent Single of the Week roundup, 'Hooting & Howling'. If you want to get a thrilling kick out of the album then look no further than this track. It's very well just to make the sounds that the title suggests, but to start off in the crying falsettos and then descend into the growling tenors like the rare breed of singers that Wild Beasts are, and to articulate their wonderfully bizarre lyrics sums up the greatness of the record. Wild Beasts use language that is daft: "...disowned us daddies like the poopers of the party". They use language that is unsettling: "This is a booty call - my boot up your asshole. This is a Freudian slip - my slipper in your bits". They use language that alliterates and emphasizes a letter's sound: "We're just brutes bored in our bovver boots". Never do Wild Beasts use language that is plain or unimaginative, or lyrics that sound as though they are merely there to fill a few spare bars of music. They keep you guessing about where the story is going and it is one joy after another to hear what set of words they will cast out next. At the risk of over using the word 'wild', Two Dancers is very much Wild Beasts' wild odyssey. It's a dark toned and sublime listen, enriched with a symphony of endless calls from what sounds like mythical animals, and the clicking and whirling of instruments that hurl the vocals and lyrics in different lights, leaving different mental marks and shadows. One listen of a song in a row is not enough; you want to go back to be told, "When we pucker up our lips are bee-stung", and "We're all quiffed and cropped, this is our lot, we hold each other up heavy with hops". Always returning and playing over in the mind is what I see as the sound that makes Wild Beasts so unmistakable and unforgettable. The haunting serenade of the lead vocal completes the whole set and helps the album make sense, engaging the listener in letting go of all things logical to enjoy the experience. Rating: 9/10