Label: Captured Tracks Release date: 13/09/2010 Link: Myspace Stream: Spotify Speaking as someone who really likes the whole Jesus and Mary Chain and Galaxie 500 style shoegaze, Wild Nothing was something of a revelation when Gemini came out. Rich and jangly, yet lo fi and personal, modern and progressive yet a complete throwback, it was a complete contrast in itself. I guess the closest band I would place it to in modern music is The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, insofar as it takes a past musical style and just keeps it going, almost ignoring anything past it’s set time. It takes the same feel as the wonderful Minks and makes it more insular, more personal and more fragile. And to that extent, this new EP Golden Haze is more of the same. That’s not a criticism though, there’s nothing worse than trying to push yourself in a new, unnatural direction when you are so close to achieving greatness in one. The songs can all blend into one if you let them, such is the shiny nature and production type, but that’s the same with a lot of the C86 types. If you really listen to it, you find that you’re gifted with 6 of the best post Smiths jangling pop out there at the moment. While all tracks are strong, for me the best is ‘Asleep’, a finely crafted jangling song that puts you in mind of Animal Collective covering the Smiths. A close second is ’Vultures Like Lovers’ a track that sounds like the next natural progression of Panda Bear’s sound. All in all, this is a great EP. It’s similar (at least closely related) to the album, but that’s no bad thing. It still manages its originality and maintains it’s delicate beauty in there, but moves it up one level towards perfection. Photobucket