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Already burdened with the wunderkind sobriquet by publicists and industry types, Kent lad Will Joseph Cook's recent support slots alongside the likes of the Rolling Stones and Tom Odell would suggest it's a tag not without warrant. Cook first came to attention as a 17-year-old when his hook-heavy You Jump I Run EP left Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly magnum opus in the shade to snag the top spot on the Hype Machine charts. Just four months on and 2,000,000 odd Spotify plays later, Cook has returned with the follow-up Proof Enough EP, his first since signing to the major label Atlantic.

Cooks well of influences runs deep (Radiohead, Joni Mitchell... Darwin Deez) and a cursory stalk of his Twitter feed seems to flag up a jadedness for Britpop, which let's face it, can be no bad thing. Opening track Hearse showcases some technical finger plucked palm-mutes, a quasi-rap verse and a lush falsetto chorus reminiscent of Adam Levine at his most infuriatingly catchy, with Cook sounding decidedly nonplussed about the end of his relationship ("stone cold, where did my feelings go, did they blow away with the wind"?)

Written from the perspective of a call centre worker on the cusp of a vocational breakdown, 'A Minute Of Your Time' comes across as wishy-washy acoustic fare up until its rocking chorus which bursts into life with the ferocity of a nine to five worker who's finally cracked by smashing a keyboard through his laptop monitor. The sunny synths and pop hooks of 'Beach' is the most obvious single from the EP; Cook's sanguine deliveries not a million miles away from the recent output of Only Real, while the floaty melodies on the closing title track again highlights the singer's neat range.

If You Jump I Run announced Cook's arrival, here he proves that it was no fluke. It might be more of the same, but there's a technicality and creativity on show that belies his years. What the future holds is anyone's guess, but on this evidence it's doubtful to involve call centre work.

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