Label: Favorite Gentlemen Release Date: 10th February Website: I first came across Winston Audio back when I wrote an article about the label they call home, Favorite Gentlemen. It was an article about the label, it's history and the bands that make up their roster. For those that aren't in the know, Favorite Gentlemen have some amazing bands under their wings; like the immense Manchester Orchestra (who run the label), the very loud All Get Out, the spectacular Kevin Devine and the straight from the depths of rock 'n' rolls dirt, Winston Audio. One of the things I did when researching the label was to listen to as much music as I could from their bands; this led me to Winston Audio's awesome EP, Come On, Hibernate. I became a fan from the very second that EP entered my brain box. So, with the release of a full length debut album aroud the corner, have they done enough to stay in my good books? Yes and No. It starts off really well with the rousing 'Hey Ann', 'On My Trail' and 'All This Time' but soon enough the album starts to wander off into the distance, which shouldn't really happen after three songs. It's not a spectacular fall from grace though, just a minor detour until track eight 'Smoke Signal', with it's upbeat Hot Water Music vibe, enters the scene to breath life ino the album. After the fairly poor mid section the band seem intent on building bridges and songs like 'Action Reaction' achieve that in an amazing Golden Gate bridge sort of way. With the release of The Red Rhythm, Winston Audio haven't really won me over because I already knew they were good. Their brand of alternative/indie/rock is good enough for me to have listened to the album 5 times in a row, I just feel they've got a hell of a lot more to offer than what they've given us on this record. Rating: 6.5/10