Album: Heirloom Label: independent Release Date: Out Now! Website: "...Lise Monique intertwines English and French lyrics with the ease of elementary school girls braiding each other’s hair in Canada’s schoolyards, while the accompanying music pulls you to your feet or keeps your eyes on the stage. Listeners beware: some tracks on this latest Wintermitts effort will cause a head-nodding hypnosis while others still will leave you wishing you understood French, or with the desire to plant a tree in your front yard." To be more specific, to plant your own little tomato garden in your front or back yard! Their new album  Heirloom released September 13th 2008, comes with a little packet of tomato seeds in its eco-friendly CD sleeve made out of recycled cardboard. I kid you not. If you love that charming folk music with that extra bit of accordion spice, I can guarantee that you will fall in love and become utterly enchanted with the Vancouver based band, Wintermitts. They’re an environmentally conscious group of musicians who have put together this fantastic album, produced by Shawn Cole (You Say Party! We Say Die!) and co-produced by Futcher. Some songs are sung in French, some in English, and there is one that's simply in "accordian a la solo" format: Ghost Note. And let's face it, you can't help but head-bob along to all 8 songs on this album. It's injected with whimsical instrumentations, hand-claps, and "gang vocal" lyrics that project from Lise, Samuel, Swann, Shane, Tina, David, and Trevor. Heirloom definitely has it's West Coast Vancouver touch to it, but yet also mixes in a French-Canadian twist in songs such as DANS, Accord Mineur, and Mer De L'Atlantique. All hometown connections aside, the Wintermitts have been on my "mostly played" playlist on my iTunes since April 2008! Ever since swaying to their mellifluous french enthused folk beats at one of their shows, alongside The Superfantastics and Julie Doiron, their music proves to be quite captivating and summons the warm & fuzzy vibes. So, give them a listen and hopefully they'll eventually be on your most-played playlists, too! And lastly, Heirloom is certainly one of those all-purpose albums: for short/long distance roadtrips, camping adventures, picnics, or simply for a quaint evening adorned with cheap wine and beer that induce those quirky mannerisms to come out of nowhere in those least expected moments. Cheers. 9/10