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It's hard to place Wolf Alice, which is perhaps why they've garnered the attention they have. If you want to hear grunge influences, you'll pick it out of 'Moaning Lisa Smile'. If you want to hear Cranberries style pop rock, you'll find it in 'Your Loves Whore'. If you want to hear jarring Sleater-Kinney informed post punk you'll find it in 'Fluffy' - the album turns itself over to whoever listens to it, and each person will gain something different.

Now, usually saying things like that makes a reviewer turn around and say the problem is it doesn't match. Well, these guys do, and each track that borrows from something new retains a very Wolf Alice identity. It takes a hell of a strong band to keep that focus and, for want of a better word, branding through an entire album that tries to do so many things. For example, fellow grunge informed wailers Palma Violets took some pretty similar influences and ended up sounding like a horrible pastiche of everything they've tried - Wolf Alice make their sound work for them.

The problem is that the whole thing almost sounds too assured. This is a debut album remember, and one from a band known for their rough live shows. In order to tie these songs together it seems that they've homogenised a bit too far and ended off rounding off a few of the corners that would be better rougher. Nowhere is this more evident than on 'Lisbon', a storming and loud track that seems to have spent too much time in the studio and ends up lacking the punch that was needed.

There's no denying Wolf Alice's ear for a hook and a catchy melody. From the opening track, the meandering, almost Alela Diane sounding 'Turn To Dust' to their staple juttering garage single 'Fluffy' to close, they provide us with as many earworms as there are minutes on the album. The problem though is in order to make this smart and composed album, they've taken out or smoothed over a lot of the elements that could have been raucous or as interesting as their live shows. It's a good album, full of high points, but it never excites in the way it threatens to.

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