Label: Neon Gold Release date: 13/07/09 Website: MySpace Page I heard this song, raised my eyebrows, and tried to think of ways I could write a review for it without using the word ‘funky’. In reviews these days, funky is almost synonymous with out-dated, or novelty, and this track is above those dismissive adjectives. I tried ‘edgy’ and ‘hip’ (which sounds even dafter), but funky is just unavoidable. In Pieces of You, a funky bass line follows a funky guitar part, with funky Bowie-meets-Maroon-5 vocals over the top. It gets a little too much when the mix fills out though: brass and strings and synths? Even with this minor overkill, it’s a lot of fun: for people who like funky retro pop, here’s an upbeat, catchy song, with apt traces of Billy Jean. I don’t think Londoner Wolf Gang will be unheard of for much longer. Rating: 7/10 More information: MySpace Blog