It's always said that you should never judge a book by it's cover and I totally agree. But sometimes going against the grain works out for the best, which i often did as a young boy on a musical adventure. Frequently i would go to a record shop and buy records that had nice album covers or interesting band names just to see what would happen. Of course it didn't always turn out that well but going against the grain got me into some of my favourite bands, including Death Cab For Cutie (We have the facts...). You might be thinking "What the hell is this guy on about?" but i do have a point. Last year someone recommended Wolf Parade to me, so i went out and bought their album Apologies To The Queen Mary. It was good, but not that great. Tracks like 'Shine A Light' made it a good album but often i felt the good tracks got bogged down by the blander ones. So this left me at a point whereby i quite of easily just forgotten about the band, which is a shame really because i could see the potential. But after seeing the artwork for their latest release, At Mount Zoomer, i had to give it a try. So what does it sound like? For a start i can easily confirm that it sounds much better than any of the albums the musicians have done in any of their main projects (in my opinion) and sees them sound like a proper band, rather than an indie supergroup. Each song has the ability to make you want to dance but without being a dance album at all. As much as it pains me to say it, the most accurate genre description of this record would be prog-rock. But don't that put you off, it doesn't sound anything like Yes or Rush, but more like a band of talented musicians that have the ability to experiment with sound but with the added bonus of being able to pen a great song too. The greatest example of that is the outstanding 'California Dreaming', which is already my contender for song of the year. It will have you wondering what to do with yourself. Will you dance? Will you head bang? Will You have a fight? Will you have sex?. All reasonable questions to ask once you've listened to it. Today i feel very privaleged. Two album's listened to and both without a bad song. Jesus. If you're in a band then feel free to just give up. 9/10