Label: Jagjaguwar Release date: 11/10/10 Link: Myspace Steeple is the debut album from Wolf People after a year of releasing singles. The album is a well awaited release from the band who have teased us musically with their classic rock sounding tracks. The rock age of the 1970s is the era Steeple takes you back to with it's psychedelic mix of blues & an added mystery of folk. ‘Silbury Sands’ kicks off Steeple with its guitar rifts & medieval sounding vocals. The track however is only lively in the rifts, the lyrics however fall a little flat. Further into the album pipes are used, particularly in ‘Tiny Circle‘, fitting in well with the dreamy vocals which sets the band's work apart from many current releases. ‘Morning Born’ is the track that stands out most from Steeple yet again with its backing music & riffs making you want to dance & swing like it’s 1970. ‘Cromlech’ has a powerful intro bringing you right into the classic rock feel theme of the album, evoking stron mental images of strutting guitarists on stage. If Steeple had more tracks like ‘Morning Born‘, ‘Cromlech & ‘One by One from Dorney Reach‘, it would captivate more of the long haired oldies. The vocals are more powerful with each line, and a far more direct. It’s a shame the folksy meets 1970 classic rock didn't work in collaboration for Steeple but the individual rock themes definitely leave you wanting more. Steeple is an album that is both hit & miss but extremely worth a listen if you have a hankering for classic rock. Photobucket