Label: Modular Release date: 10/06/10 Link: Myspace 'Far Away', the fourth single from the re-emergent Australians' second album Cosmic Egg attempts to show off the sensitive, caring side to Andrew Stockdale, that despite his bestial carnal howling for any nondescript 'woman' all those years ago, he's truly an old romantic at heart. Like everything else about Wolfmother, this has a typically dated sound that wouldn't have been out of place on any middling 70s rock band album, like maybe Mountain could have written this song? Alas they did not. Wolfmother did. While this may struggle to excite in any real way it doesn't really detract from the song. It’s a solid and enjoyable power-ballad that even for all it's cliché (musically and lyrically) it will be hard not to sway along in time to this, holding a cigarette lighter/mobile phone aloft depending on your surroundings. More proof that they're still as old-school as they ever were and anyone who thought they were just another regular Led Zeppelin rip will be stunned because they've managed to go forth and absorb the entire pantheon of classic rock. Of course that'll never make them great by association, but 'Far Away' is good power-ballad material that is hard not to be moved by, even if it’s a very slight movement. Photobucket