Label:Modular Release date: 05/10/09 Website: Wolfmother Myspace As of today (5th of October 2009) Australian rock band Wolfmother release the new single New Moon Rising. The first single from the band in what seems an eternity, the release precedes the new album "Cosmic Egg" which is due out the following week. This new single is undeniably a typically Wolfmother crafted song, starting with a heavy blues guitar riff seeming to follow the mould of "Woman" with vocals talking over various refrains with the odd musical explosion here and there. After a few listens it does seem to be missing a bit, the catchiness that marks the songs "Woman" and "Joker & The Thief" is not all that present and the guitar parts are very similar to early White Stripes, as opposed to the epic psych-rock stylistic choices that made earlier songs so distinctive. The song essentially paints a portrait of hazardous surroundings over a heavy blues riff, and eventually telling the story of a boy who's "gotta get on that highway." Familiar territory sure, but anthemic nonetheless. 'Cosmic Egg' hits the shelves October 13. Meanwhile, check out "New Moon Rising" on the bands myspace for a taster of what's to come.

Rating: 6/10