Women are a band from Calgery in Canada with a name that is impossible to google. (Is ungooglable a word?) More importantly, they have made an incredible debut album. Apparently recorded on ghetto blasters in a basement. Its 29 minutes are crammed with moments of beautiful noise and tape hiss that seek to disguise its moments of nearly perfect pop. Albeit a skewed lo-fi pop perfection.  Opener "Cameras" finds an irresistable groove that finishes as quickly as it sucked you in. Women do that a lot on this album. They show you a beautiful melody that any other band would a base a whole song around before swiftly breezing onto something else. By the time the pounding "Lawncare" descends into noise you know you are listening to something special. This is confirmed when, after almost four minutes of noise, they launch into "Black Rice" Easily the most accessible song on the album and one of the best pop songs i've heard in a long time, its like The Shins on acid...Really strong acid.   Women's debut aches of the summer but somehow sounds like it was written during a dark winter. On first listen you feel like an outsider looking in, but with each listen it delves a little deeper into your conscience, in the same way as Deerhunter's Cryptograms did, it slowly takes you over. This album contains enough pop moments for those who want to skip the noisy bits to fall in love with, for example, songs like "Group Transport Hall" will hit you instantly and brighten your day when your ipod finds it on random.  Although for me, listening to the noise only heightens the beauty when it kicks in. This is fast becoming one of my favourite albums of the year and almost sounds like the precursor to a great career. With a debut like this Women are definately proving themselves to be a band to watch.     9/10