Label: End Of The Road Release date: 12/04/10 Website: Woodpigeon Buy: Amazon There’s something infectiously cute about Woodpigeon, the collective based around Canadian singer-songwriter Mark Hamilton; a peek underneath the shiny veneer of the chirpy 60s girl-group pop harmonies and optimistic swirls of 'My Denial In Argyle', however, reveals some serious business. This is Hamilton’s attempt to address his sexuality, and it’s, occasionally, blackly humorous in its merriment. The frolic into darker territory is, truth be told, what rescues the song from being another pebble chucked into the quarry of landfill indie-pop. The frailty of Hamilton’s vocals and the jangly guitars that apparently come as standard from any band taking on the Belle & Sebastian ‘dark-twee’ label are interrupted by an unexpectedly rumbling bass; it’s almost an earthquake cutting through an otherwise safe romp through the nu-folk forest. Hamilton’s showcasing a stronger sense of confidence here; he’s shaken off the shyness typical of previous Woodpigeon tracks. He’s insistent, but not aggressive; strong-willed, but not stubborn. This time around, the song has an optimistic urgency to be likeable, but it’s in no rush to be defined. Hamilton may not be as bold or audacious as many of his oft-compared contemporaries, but dammit, in the midst of a deeply cynical and cold industry, he’s sincere. Photobucket