Label: End Of The Road Records Release Date: 9th February (Out Now) Website: My, oh my! Oh my! Woodpigeon? Where did these guys come from? Now, I am not easily enraptured by a band the very moment spindles whirr and vibrations resonate into existence through those beautiful little sound makers perching comfortably over my ears. But! Oh my! Hailing from an ocean away, the inspiring vistas of Canada to be precise, come Woodpigeon. An eight piece headed by a true artisan of the craft, Mark Hamilton, who’s inspiration for the songs on Treasury Library Canada, after returning home to Canada from Edinburgh, spurned from a subversive journey of rediscovery and redefinition of some of the most poignant emotions and meanings that dwell in the forefront of our conscious minds. Love. Hope. Home. “Home, above all else, is only used correctly when it describes the place you're meant to be. I've written a lot of songs attempting to figure that out for myself since moving back to Canada, re-experiencing our winters, driving across our vast expanses of prairie. Treasury Library Canada helped me figure out just what the words listed above and "home", in particular, truly mean to me." - Mark Hamilton The album opens with an endearing melody in the form of Knock Knock that encompasses the use of acoustic and atmospheric electro lullabies underpinning one of the softest voices I have heard in some time. The track slowly builds in both atmosphere and instrument use, with a crescendo that would not feel out of place in a Sufjan Stevens album, though a little more immense. Then Piano Pieces For Adult Beginners begins and to my, at first, unease, a totally different sound emerged from the depths of Woodpigeon. I was shocked at its contrast, but soon overcame such thoughts and enjoyed the diversity this album already had to offer. This diversity continued through the entire album and although each song sounds unique and stands out in is own right as another very good song, they are all so very Woodpigeon and hold firm to their folk roots like a giant sequoia. Epic and resolute in their intricacy and wonderfulness. Treasury Library Canada has already peaked as my favourite album of this new year so far from the folk genre and if another comes along that could possibly overpower it; I await it with an anticipation only reserved for the very greatest of musical pleasures. It will no doubt be in my quiver of favourite albums to keep close at hand for the foreseeable future. 9/10 Woodpigeon’s sound compares to Tunng, King Creosote, a full-banded Sufjan Stevens, and a more epic Elliott Smith. If you like the above you should definitely check them out. Woodpigeon UK tour dates (I advise heavily going to watch these guys live 21 February 2009 WESTGARTH SC Middlesborough, UK 22 February 2009 THE CAPTAIN'S REST Glasgow, Scotland 23 February 2009 THE END Newcastle, UK 24 February 2009 THE DEAF INSTITUTE Manchester, UK 25 February 2009 ICA London, UK 26 February 2009 THE AUDIO Brighton, UK For more information on Woodpigeon click the links below -