On their third EP Red, Wovoka Gentle take their music to the limit. Building on their past experimentalism, the band have created six grandiose pieces of sumptuous soundscapes that blend into one another taking the listener down an emotive road.

The vocals are transcendental especially in those moments when the trio harmonise like 'In Mind Without Moving'. The bobbing, Ferris Bueller referencing 'When Cameron Was In Egypt's Land Let My Cameron Go' is an off-kilter pop triumph of biblical proportions. It manages to encapsulate the band's growing ability to tread the line between the commercial and underground. 'Mercy Seat' descends into schisms of unrelenting fuzz before building into dreamy soundscapes like climbing the steps to heaven.

Experienced producer Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Grizzly Bear, Interpol) brings a fresh focus building on the raw materials that endeared the band to early listeners. Jones has helped the band bring out their inner electro-pop beast with a littering of cooler than cool synth lines that wouldn't be out of place on an early Depeche Mode record. They have retained their experimental edge but are now unafraid to many memorable moments into one song while utilising Jones' skills in creating even weirder and wondrous sounds. It sees Wovoka Gentle evolve into something more than an understated, experimental folk band. The songs aren't just pretty now, they're majestic.