It didn't take much for the petite popstar YADi to win me over. It took four songs, to be precise and ahead of you are five paragraphs of me gushing about her - bottom line: she is great and you must listen to her.

Hannah Yadi's debut EP, Guillotine is a four-track wonder that consumes and overwhelms its listener. On the title track, she sings "Like a queen, I can't make you love me," and, well, YADi, I love what you have on offer and you didn't have to pull any tricks or wool over my eyes to do so.

For a relatively new artist, her sound is rounded and self-knowing. She provides soaring vocals that are layered upon intricate drums and electronic beats that are set to capture the attention of even the most cynical of music fans. One listen to 'Sahara Heart' and you will see what I mean. Or try out 'Gold'. It is as exhilarating as it is emotive, so much so that is is exhausting in the best way possible.

Under the dirty guise of pop music, the South Londoner has incorporated an engaging mix of playful beats with darker undertones found in the lyrics. 'Paper Rose' will stop you in your tracks. It resides itself in your head and when you're not listening to it, you're scolding yourself until you press play again. There have been comparisons drawn to Florence and the Machine and while that may be too obvious, the last time I was truly this drawn into an artist at a first introduction was the summer of 2009, when Flo's Lungs entered our lives.

Online, there is very little to be found about the 24-year-old, who is of Algerian, Norwegian and Italian descent, which adds to her mystique. The EP is great and I am willing to hop on this bandwagon as a superfan before she even releases an album. I am truly excited about what she has in store for us and if she continues as she is, she can't disappoint.

While there are countless females acts invading the music charts as of late, YADi's inventive approach to pop music should assist her with longevity. Her presence on every track is authoritative and her hands-on approach to how she is perceived (she designed the EP cover) will hopefully mean that she has her next move mapped out which in turn means that we won't be waiting too long for our next dose of YADi.