It's hard to put a stamp on which music Dan Casey, aka Yalls, makes. When I saw the artist name and read that he makes funky electro, without hearing any of the EP, I immediately thought of the Swiss dance duo Yello. Thankfully after listening to Yalls’ intergalactic little three track EP, Fantasy, there was no comparison. On this, Yalls creates uplifting and otherworldly electronic music with a dream pop edge, not throwback dance music with a slice of cheese. No offence to Yello fans, I do have to admit 'Oh Yeah' is a timeless classic.

I suppose Fantasy is a great name to call the EP, as it does seem quite an unreal listen with pleasurable qualities. Saying that, stating Yalls’ music is a bit “outside the box” is an understatement, as you have no idea what sound or instrument is going to spring up next. For all you know his beats could be made by clapping moose hooves and the synth work on all three tracks could have been created by the torturing of Martians on a planet far, far away. It’s unpredictable and maybe a bit too wacky for certain ears.

The stand out track of Fantasy is the opener 'Settle Down'; it’s a bit of party track, but only if you’re having a party with four of your close friends who have an open mind when it comes to music. It's one of those songs which you could play at a hip house party, and everyone would just stop talking and ask "what the hell is this?." Saying all that I've got a feeling it would create some really experimental dance moves, especially in the outro of the song where Casey just bombards your ears with all sorts of zany melodies.

As expected, the other two tracks are completely different, 'Real Fantasy' is a more soothing ride - a song for lazing back on the dusky hills of Neptune and watching the thirteen moons, something that Casey probably does every other weekend. 'Give away & Broke' shows a darker side to Yalls, as he creates a more chilling soundscape, reminiscent of one of Crystal Castles more eerie numbers. You're not expecting a sombre ending to the EP, but then again you never know what you're going to get with Yalls.

Still, this is hardly innovative and forward thinking music Casey is creating; it feels more like experimenting with sounds and seeing what the outcome is. This method works on Fantasy, but it’s unclear if the same formula can be applied over and over again, it could turn from galactic wackiness to straight up incoherent idiocy. However that’s the future, for now grab yourself some moon juice, jump on your unicorn, and immerse yourself into the oddity that is Yalls.