Label: Mute Release date: 09/02/10 Website:Yeasayer’s Website MP3: O.N.E Pardon my French, but HOLY SHIT. Indie psych's Yeasayer have stirred up brains and consciousnesses with their amazing debut All Hour Cymbals since 2007. And when it was announced that its follow up would be out in 2010 and that it was called Odd Blood everyone went into instant waiting mode if they cared about the band. As one of the people who patiently waited until something came, I can say that hearing more than the impressive first single ‘Ambling Alp’ is cathartic and worth each nanosecond spent waiting – in fact, Odd Blood starts off the New Year with a contender for album of the year. Strikingly, the entire disc bears a retro ‘80s sound (dig the Phil Collins fill in ‘Madder Red’) and is decidedly less cluttered than All Hour Cymbals. Yet the band’s fondness for futuristic sound fields and falsetto vocals remains intact, which keeps the album from ever sounding too kitschy in the worst way. The water lapping and delicately panned organ and effects in ‘Ambling Alp’ are a prime example of Yeasayer’s ear for ambience, and closer ‘Grizelda’ manages to use those honed methods to transform the song from a ruminating 70’s style George Harrison type song into a modern electronic paean with each chorus and the perfect outro. Even the brain meltingly bizarre artwork keeps the old-meets-new theme up, as some mid-‘90s computer models are laid over modern Photoshop filters and photography. Each song is an earworm, baring some melody or hook or sound that is so infectious and impeccable that it just burrows in your mind like some wonderful yet mildly evil tendril of music. Not only do I look forward to each listen, I have a reverence out the dread knowing that the music is so well composed that it’ll stick. It’s almost certain that this will have a Best New Music from P4K’s staff, and probably a 9.6 rating to boot. It’s too soon to say that this will be top of the year, but Yeasayer have made something wholly impressive and worth noting in the new decade. Kudos, guys. picture
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