Yeh Deadlies' friend Big Monster LovePhotobucket Yeh Deadlies played a great set, much better than the first time I saw them, which was ruined by either the PA or the sound engineer. They play fun, fuzzy indie pop with charming melodies and harmonies. They opened with their new single, Magazine, and its B-side Constitution Hill, which were the highlights of their set. They do lose points for having a song called Human Centipede and reminding me about that horrible, horrible film, but overall it was a great gig. The band members took turns DJing with the sound engineer in between and after the sets, playing things like Jonathan Richman – which, in retrospect, is exactly what you'd expect them to be into. Both acts and the Yeh Deadlies' solo projects are members of the Popical Island collective, a group that's releasing a compilation of similar indie pop and folk that's a good introduction to this side of Dublin's music scene. Photos and words by Yan Bourke Yeh Deadlies Myspace: Big Monster Love Myspace: Popical Island compilation: