Label: Sonic Cathedral Release date: 22/02/10 Website: Myspace Yeti Lane's excellent debut album sees opening track 'First Rate Pretender' released as their latest single and whilst it's certainly not the strongest track of the album, it's an apt example of what makes the LP such a slow-burning pleasure. 'First Rate Pretender' is sun-dappled shoegaze via Paris. It's a 60s-style pop-nugget coloured with moments of fleeting psychadelia. Upon first listen it will be far too inoffensive for some, however, the melody mirroring the guitars so closely as it does keeping things on perhaps too even a keel. The subsequent Noth Atlantic Oscillation mix adds a few electro clicks, a tighter arrangement and tweaks the track in a fairly restrained manner but one that nevertheless works wonderfully as a companion piece. For the added depth, intelligent space-filling and greater range of textures it might well be the superior mix. Photobucket