New First Impressions is Brighton/Guildford-based Young Adult Faction's debut EP. YAF came about following the break-up of the four member's former bands. Having gigged solidly with each other in these groups for years, the four friends decided to take Eddie Argos' advice and form a band themselves, and use it as a backlash to the current X Factor-obsessed climate we live in. Armed with delay pedals, feedback and a handy penchant for irresistible hooks, the band aim to write "loud guitar tunes for the world to love again".

'The Lonely Ones' kicks off the EP with a 70s punk riff that Feargal Sharkey would have been happy with, and carries on this Undertones-style feel throughout although also has a more 90s American indie (Guided By Voices/Pavement) influence streaming throughout. Will Porteous takes the lead vocals on this one and sings "We are the lonely ones again" amongst a multitude of "Wah-wo-hohs". Recent free download single 'Some Sort Of Catch' follows and features Alex Winter's distinctive vocal style, the first ten seconds of drumming will remind you a little of that Jet song, you know the one, but this doesn't last long as it makes way to become a jangly early Cribs-style anthem. The power-pop guitars continuously gain momentum, and the delayed backing echoes of the lead vocals are distinctive and refreshing.

The introduction of 'Wrong From Right' is reminiscent of Pixies in a feel-good moment but soon make way for Alex's finest Graham Coxon impression. It is a song written about saving 6Music, a worthy subject matter indeed, and probably the angriest you'll hear YAF as Alex demands: "Is it any right of anyone to dumb us down?", while frantic Brakes-style instrumentation surrounds his statement. Like all good indie-pop bands, they also have a cheekiness that shows they're not taking themselves too seriously, one of the songs is called 'Man, I Want Your Girlfriend, Man'. 'Nervous Breakdown' opens with another catchy riff and has the essence of Popscene-era Blur, but with 1 minute 10 seconds running time, it's even shorter than'Song 2!' The closing 'Rebecca's Lullaby' is another one with Will on vocals and is the band at their most self-effacing Weezer best, the tone of it would have fitted right in on Pinkerton, "I'm obsessed and you're not, take a hit and just fuck off" followed by another huge, loud chorus.

YAF are a band that wear their hearts and influences proudly on their sleeves, whether it be punk, rock or even the shoegazing genre. And this seven-song EP proves that they're quite right to, as it is full of addictive hooks and memorable lines. They definitely leave you with a decent first impression.