I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Brooklyn-based collective Young Magic had a relatively exciting 2011. Releasing two 7”s, supporting Youth Lagoon and being named in The 405's Ones To Watch for 2012, it's not the worst conditions to release your debut album in. The album in question is called Melt and is released through Carpark Records.

Patience is the key with Melt. If you wait long enough, you will be rewarded, but if you have to wait too long, then it probably means that this isn't an album for you. Falling very much into the dream pop category of music, quick comparisons will be made to another Collective, of the Animal variety. Slow to start, but it fulfils both parts of its genre. There will be moments on this album where you've completely forgotten you're listening to anything at all, but as I said, patience is definitely the key. These moments are often followed by songs like 'Yalam', 'Jam Karet' and 'Sanctuary', which you may find yourself inexplicably wanting to dance like a mad man (or woman, let us not get tied up in gender issues). This can feel a bit weird, as you start to adopt the attitude of a dancer with serious attention issues, jumping up and then sitting down in 5 minute intervals, never really knowing whether you should actually be stood up or sat down.

Melt generally feels like familiar territory. There are hundreds of dream pop acts around at the moment, and they're towards the better end of the scale, and if all you love is dream pop, then once you've listened to another Blue Nile record you might find yourself giving Young Magic a go. There are plenty of songs on the album that could garner them plenty of fans, but it doesn't feel like an album for casual fans, and you could find yourself thinking that it's either all or nothing. Mischief managed.