'You With Air' is the new single from Melbourne band Young Magic. Its slow swampy half time beat brings something interesting to the table and also to the genre that would have probably chosen a double time disco beat if it had fallen into the hands of the record label. Now based in Brooklyn, Young Magic have assimilated their new surroundings and this is the finished article.

I don't know how strong a single contender this is having not heard the full album yet but there isn't anything really immediate about any part of it (even after repeated listens). This seems to be a exercise in having one hook and grinding it around and around in the blind attempt to make a finished product.

The B-side 'Sparkly' is more polished and complete but like 'You With Air' relies heavily on the beats and echo choir vocals although in my opinion would have been a better choice as the A side. I think the best hope for both tracks is they fall into the hands of a DJ that gives them a both remix as they have the ingredients for big sounding tunes, but in this case have been let down by the execution.