Label: Gigantic Music Release date: 14/09/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Hey it’s a good time to be an up-beat guitar pop band isn’t it? Especially if you happen to be releasing music in the midst of a popular revival, which is precisely what Brooklyn trio Your Youth have done with their EP Aloha Taking cues from Pixies and heavily influenced by the inoffensive pop sensibility of bands like Bare Naked Ladies and Weezer, Your Youth’s music is described by the band itself as ‘noisy pop’, which is so apt they could be angling for a job at a dictionary company. Anthemic opener ‘Awake’ is truly excellent pop-punk with howling, exaggerated vocals in the style of Frank Black/Black Francis during the chorus. It’s instantly endearing like being presented with a cake by a stranger (in some sort of perfect world) and undoubtedly a powerful first impression. It sets the pattern for what follows, the problem is that there’s not much else on Aloha to match this early high. Your Youth’s music could never be described as original and that really starts to show as the EP progresses. There’s some slack-jawed similarity with indie favourites Pavement and other lo-fi American bands from the 1990s throughout and the songs aren’t at all bad but the lack of originality is a little grating after a while and nothing really lives up to the standard set by the first song. It is strange that a band who have clearly some talent for producing memorable choruses would struggle to turn this into an enduring recording and the prevailing sense is of unfulfilled potential and while it is difficult to be truly innovative and different, when the music is so rooted in the band’s influences it’s hard to get very excited about it. Which unfortunately handicaps some good songs. Photobucket