Label: Mirror Universe Tapes Release date: 02/08/10 Link: Myspace New Jersey/London/Hiroshima four- (sometimes five-) piece Yuck's similarly titled side project Yu(c)k, release the Weakend EP on Mirror Universe Tapes on 2nd August. But be quick they are keeping copies to one hundred only! The EP recorded on cassette (how likeably retro) is a collection of four lo-fi piano balladry and shoegaze revival sounds proving this band have more strings to their bow than their accomplished guitar pop which echoes the livelier sounds of The Cure and Belle and Sebastian. Opener 'Daughter', with its echoey piano shrouded in Daniel Blumberg’s wavering vocals is a haunting and introspective start that opens up into cello, electronic guitar and boy/girl harmonies before neatly giving way to melodic post-rock. While all the tracks are rather repetitive and minimal that's essentially the selling point: atmospheric, layered pieces that prove the band can channel retro pop and shoe-gaze to a high degree. I hope everyone who gets their hands on these still has a walkman kicking about somewhere! Photobucket