Label: Fat Possum Records Release date: 01/11/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Yuck went to my school, well the band they used to be, Cajun Dance Party did. Or at least I think they did, I'm going to assume that the two members (Max Bloom and Daniel Blumberg) were the ones who have a connection to me, as it explains the talent. Anyway, Yuck are much better than Cajun Dance Party, because Cajun Dance Party were rubbish. Yuck based anecdote number 2: They were the first band I took my 14 year old brother to see, (I took him to see the Pains of Being Pure at Heart really but they were supporting). We stood right near the front and he complained they were too loud and noisy, and we had to move back. This is kind of the point of Yuck, but never mind. Their newest single 'Rubber' howls at you in an exhausting tirade of guitars that sound like they are dying a slow (but enjoyable) death and lazily droning vocals, every piece of equipment feels like it's being pushed to breaking point to be heard through the hail of distortion. It's all very textured and monotonic, somewhat of an assault of early 90s noise rock. It certainly doesn't sound like anything new, part of the ongoing revival of early 90s and late 80s music, taking its influence from bands like Swervedriver or Dinosaur Jr..Yuck aren't exactly refreshing, but they presumably give those of us who were old enough at that time a burst of welcome nostalgia (I wasn't, and neither were they). Anyway, 'Rubber' is an odd choice for a single that weighs in at 7.15, but it's a good choice. Providing a cataclysmically powerful piece of noise rock, it feels like it's getting into gear without ever really picking up the pace, it's definitely a good song. I suppose it could do with being a little less monotonous, and it's of course nothing new, but I'm very happy to play it over and over again, and I look forward to the release of an album. Photobucket