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Yung Lean's rise to prominence in the past couple of years has been phenomenal. Not only has he gained a foothold among the Tumblr generation but he has begun to turn the heads of folks within the music industry. Yung Lean was featured in Dazed's 100 list for 2015 and XXL labelled him as one of 15 European Rappers to look out for. Shoutouts and accolades are hard to come by, so Yung Lean must be doing something right.

When Yung Lean first appeared on the scene, there was a sense that his character was a joke that we weren't in on yet. The bucket hats, the melancholy, Sadboy poses make it seem like we're watching a reality show rather than witnessing the ascendence of a talented musician. Like Lil B, people considered him to be a parody but at the same time managed to garner a strong following. However, it was soon clear that Yung Lean was someone to be taken seriously, even if he is as laidback as they come. There's far more to him than materialistic braggadocio and Unknown Memory is proof of that.

Unknown Memory is another example of Yung Lean's ability to stunt on a record in a melancholic manner, which can only be rivalled by the likes of The Weeknd and Travi$ Scott. With the latter appearing as the album's only feature on 'Ghosttown', it proves just how far Yung Lean has come. On 'Volt', he addresses the criticism and vitriol he's received since rising to fame, "Thanks to everyone who hates me/Only makes me fit my role." However it shows that he's confident in his own ability as a rapper and that others have sought to mimic his approach. Overall, Unknown Memory is a stark upgrade from Unknown Death 2002, it feels much more accomplished and less of a parody. He still delivers snappy lyrics and richer sounds but in a manner that feels far more mature. The hooks are stronger and the hazy, atmospheric tracks all produced by Yung Gud, Yung Sherman and White Armor. Each of them have used Unknown Memory as an opportunity to solidify their presence as hybrid, experimental producers.

The young Swedish rapper isn't without his critics, most claiming that his style of music isn't good enough to be considered rap. Yung Lean is another example of a kid who grew up on video games and the internet, you can hear these influences in his music. Even when you listen to Unknown Memory, many of the songs sound as if they belong in a dystopian game. Whilst his existence in the music world began online, there's no denying that he has used that presence to take it offline. Most importantly, Yung Lean's created his own lane and an aesthetic that can only be attributed to him and Sadboys.

Despite having such a young career, the eighteen-year-old has already birthed imitators, a testament to his own artistry. With Yung Lean going strength to strength, 2015 may be the year when the snobbery ceases to exist and people begin to admire what he has started. Yung Lean isn't a caricature, he exists as yet another example of a millennial who represents the DIY, internet generation.

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