Label: Discorporate Records Website: Sparking into life in La Ville-Lumière, Zarboth adopt the spirit of Henry Miller into their maniacal sound. “Do anything, but let it produce joy. Do anything, but let it yield ecstasy.” The duo makes a heck of a noise, stealing the thunder that rumbles over the Place de la Bastille. Zarboth consists of guitarist Phil Reptil shredding vicious grooves through a battered bass amp, and the light switch drumming approach of Etienne Gaillochet which veers from pounding primal rhythms to intricate jazz percussion, never has the earth shook with such errant authority. ‘Addict’ sizzles with a Melvins-ish free jazz hankering, try to picture Herbie Hancock swapping licks with King Buzzo. ‘Wilderness’ starts like a meth head interpretation of ‘Crosstown Traffic’ before freaking into a Kyuss rumble, partway between Refused and the stars. ‘Argue’ gathers steam, with Reptil seemingly shanking a cheese grater over the guitar strings, pummelling like Joe Louis’s fists on Max Schmeling’s body, back in thirty eight. Though not quite as visceral as Lighting Bolt’s Brian Chippendale, Gaillochet’s drumming is ruthless throughout. Zarboth do mix it up tempo wise with the drone of ‘Dieceptev’ subverting your desires. Whilst ‘Overtones’ offers up tribal psychedelic spontaneity. ‘Never Turn’ loops an angry wasp which flies along an adrenal rush, ending with a burp. ‘Hear Me’ creeps along like a song from New Orleans’s finest – Down (funnily enough the band mention Pantera as an influence), leading us to the light that is ‘Realize’, a noise romp which abruptly draws the curtain. Those who think French Metal starts and finishes with Gojira are in for a pleasant surprise. Because Zarboth provide the urgency of crazy rhythms and infinite possibilities, taking Metal into the realm of jazz, where the potential of channelling the vagrant emotions we seldom usually choose to explore are expressed openly without getting bogged down in prog indulgence. 8/10