Label: Versatile Release date: 01/11/10 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon It’s been a good month for obscure house artists remixing old movie scores – first Prins Thomas and the gang remixed Rocky and a load of others on 2 sets of White Label, and what have the crazy Zombie Zombie duo done now? Yes, they’ve covered a selection of John Carpenter’s best, mashed them up, mutilated them and transformed them in to some of the most dirty and post apocalyptic kraut shaped electro you’ve heard in a long time. Etienne Jaumet and CosmicNeman have been known for quite some time for their own dark and video game horror style of house or electro or whatever you want to call it, and that doesn’t change here. Instead of their slowed down, fucked up cover version of ‘Nightclubbing’ by Iggy Pop, they’re taking the music from ‘Halloween’ and making it into that scary, fucked up sound drenched in atmosphere and cheesy synth at the same time that has become the calling card of Zombie Zombie. Every track on here is as strong as the next, and all of them, in a perverse way, do the originals justice. Each track is taken, stripped down to its bare minimum and then forced to pulse its way over an average of over 5 minutes. As with all of Zombie Zombie’s stuff, it evolves in such a way that it sounds like a soundtrack to an apocalyptic future written in the 80’s. The best way to describe this is to tell you that you can hear Vangelis, Silver Apples and even Throbbing Gristle in there (think more “20 Jazz Funk Greats” than, say, “Something Came Over Me”). Everything in the album lies over the top of the other lazily, but in a way that makes it heady and full. It’s not really much of a movement or development from ‘Land Of Renegades‘, but it’s still one hell of an EP and promises to be one fucking beauty of a Live Show on Halloween. Photobucket