Director: Ruben Fleischer Release Date: 7 October Review by Andy Edwards Zombieland is the new name for America, post-zombie epidemic. The majority of the population is now infected, snarling (and fast) flesh-eating monsters. Society has broken down and the few human survivors must do what they can to survive. Yet Zombieland the film is a comedy - and a funny one too. We’re introduced quickly to the scenario of the film by the narrator Columbus, played by Jesse Eisenberg, a nerd who’s survived thus far by a combination of neuroses and following a strict set of rules for survival. He soon hooks up with redneck Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), who’s survived thus far by a blatant disregard for any rules whatsoever and a psychopathic delight in killing zombies. The mismatched buddy-movie then becomes a dysfunctional-family-on-a-road-trip-movie when they meet Wichita”(Emma Stone), a hottie and her younger sister, and set out across America. If you’re a zombie fan (which I am) then you won’t be disappointed - there’s enough zombie carnage to keep you happy, though this does take a back-seat to the character development as the film-progresses. Luckily the characters are funny and likeable, - Harrelson especially is bang on form, and there’s also possibly the best movie cameo ever. You probably already know who it is, but just in case you don’t, that’s a spoiler I won’t drop on you. In its mix of genuinely funny comedy and genuinely gory horror, Zombieland shares a lot of DNA with Shaun Of The Dead. However, whilst Shaun dealt in the minutiae of British life - a trek across suburbia to reach a pub for a pint, Zombieland is all about the wide-open spaces of the American dream. Our heroes must navigate the deserted highways, gas-stations and kwik-e-marts of the American west - their destination is Hollywood, their comfort is Twinkies. With food and ammo relatively plentiful, apart from the odd zombie, this landscape becomes a theme-park where the characters revel in the total absence of rules and authority. This “America as theme park” motif is hinted at by the title itself, lit-up in fairground lights, and hammered home by the end scene which is set in an actual theme park. Most of the zombies are also quite easily dispatched - it seems the younger generation is adequately prepared for the zombie apocalypse by zombie video games. All of which makes a potentially depressing scenario a lot of fun. And fun is where Zombieland scores its points - its simply a fun movie. I don’t think I’m giving away any spoilers when I say that plot-wise there are no real surprises - the nerd discovers his inner hero, gets the girl and the dysfunctional family learns to get along. It’s a road-trip movie, so it’s the journey that’s important, not the destination. One of the rules that Columbus lives by is “enjoy the little things”, and Zombieland is full of little moments, details and gags, that take the over-familiar zombie and road trip movie elements and make them seem fresh and exciting. Rating: 8/10