The idea of doing things differently - or trying to - is at the heart of the 405, so we're always happy to bring in people that feel the same way. Yes, this page is titled 'Write For Us', but it probably should be 'Work With Us', as we're open to photographers, videographers, animators and loads more.

A quick guide to the columnists we're currently looking for:

Style: We're looking for someone to run a series looking at Instagram boutiques.
Music: We're looking for someone to take control of our Plastic Platform mix series.
Film: We're looking for general writers to cover reviews, features, and interviews.
Film: We're looking for someone to take charge of our 'Films that changed my life' series.
Art/Culture: We're looking for someone to takeover our Arts/Culture interview series, which shines the light on excitng/groundbreaking artists.
Tech: We're looking for app reviewers.
Tech: We're looking for a columnist looking at the latest Music-Tech products.

We're also looking for a Tech Editor, as well as an Arts Editor.

Fancy pitching an idea/article/essay?

We love receiving article pitches, we really do. If it's just an idea, please send a couple of paragraphs explaining what you aim to achieve. If it's already written, please include it in the body of your email, or as a Google Doc (make sure we have permission to view it). It doesn't need to be music related. It just needs to be interesting.

Still interested?

Send an email to, with links to your work/portfolio, and a descriptive subject line.