The idea of doing things differently - or trying to - is at the heart of the 405, so we're always happy to bring in people that feel the same way.

People we're looking for

We're currently looking for music reviewers, art writers, fashion lovers, new music enthusiasts, film buffs, techies, and people willing to write about the weird and wonderful things around us.

Fancy pitching an idea/article/essay?

We love receiving article pitches, we really do. If it's just an idea, please send a couple of paragraphs explaining what you aim to achieve. If it's already written, please include it in the body of your email, or as a Google Doc (make sure we have permission to view it). It doesn't need to be music related. It just needs to be interesting.


Every so often we highlight great writing, even if it's been published before, so if you have a great feature that you feel could do well on our platform, feel free to send us a link.


Yes, we occasionally take on interns. Please email us for more information.

Still interested?

Send an email to