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7 Things You Never Knew You Can Clean in a Dishwasher

If you've ever moved from a house that doesn't have a dishwasher into one that does, you'll know how much effort it saves not having to hand-wash every day. But then, what if we told you that your dishes aren't the only thing your dishwasher can clean?


You'll notice that after a few years of use, your showerhead will start to become discolored and clogged with dirt from constant use. A lot of this comes from the chemicals in the water, which can be challenging to clean by hand. As a starting point, try putting them through a cycle in the dishwasher. This will make a good start in cleaning your showerheads, if not cleaning them completely. Feel free to put them into a regular wash with your dishes. There's no danger or harm in doing this.

Your kids’ toys

All those toys lying around the house or garden can become gross pretty quickly, be it from being buried in the backyard or covered in food from being caught in the crossfire from lunch. Any hard plastic toys can be a nightmare to clean, and a spin in the dishwasher will do the job just as well but will less effort. Just use a regular cycle for nice, clean toys.

Kitchen parts

As a part of your weekly cleaning routine, try to put any smaller parts of your kitchen appliances through the dishwasher. This tip comes from Maid2Match Cairns that likes to put things like plugs, filters, burner caps, and anything else that will fit into the dishwasher. It saves you having to wash them by hand, and you can be cleaning the rest of the kitchen as you're waiting for them to be cleaned.


Make your sponges last longer by running them through the dishwasher. If you do this before they get too disgusting, then you can make them last 2-3 times longer. Make sure to wedge them into areas like between plates to hold them in place, or they will end up flying about the dishwasher instead of being cleaned.

Pet supplies

Anything that your pets use will naturally start to look a bit grubby after a week of use. Eating areas, in particular, can become dirty with leftover food, and any bowls and mats you use can be cleaned quickly and effectively in the dishwasher. Similar to kids' toys, pet toys that are hard and plastic can also be quickly washed.

Bathroom items

According to aero flex products, you can use bathroom items to clean as well. The bathroom is full of little storage items and self-care bits that need a good regular clean. This can include everything, from your toothbrush to your nail scissors, to your soap holder. Gather all of these bits up, and throw them through the wash to get them sparkling again.

Baseball caps

If you've ever tried to clean a baseball cap in the washing machine, you'll probably have seen it come out distorted and in need of reshaping. Try putting it face down in the dishwasher and run it for a cycle to see a cap that comes out not just as clean, but also of the same shape!

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