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An ultimate guide to bitcoin – All you need to know

Days are gone when people use hands-on cash to make transactions. The world has become globalized and centralized but money evolution is not as such rapid. In this advanced and tech-oriented world digital currency has its own kind of need. Bitcoin is sort of digital cryptocurrency that is used for far away and globalized transactions.

Though there is no centralized bank or monetary authorities involved and there is no bank depository system yet for this crypto-currency. Still as there is always need for intermediaries to fill in the transaction gaps for money or money like things transfer so a network called Blockchain is all here to cater with the help of bitcoin poker sites.

If you want to know primary information about bitcoin without going into deep technical wires, then this blog is for you.

The history of bitcoin

When occupyingwall street accused big banks of using people deposits in other way boggling files, dipping clientsand many other types of these things. There are several requirements of modern digital world such as elimination of middle man, the need for digitally transferable money, to drudge the corruption and to mitigate the fee for money. These all mentioned reasons were enough to trigger the cryptocurrency emergence. A few wonders that bitcoin started in earlier 2008.

Now bitcoin has stepped a big step since its emergence. Many private firms and jewelry shops in the USA and other European countries accept this currency. Apart from these private businesses, billion-dollar business those spread worldwide such as Dell, Expedia, PayPal, and even Microsoft accept this digital currency. Even websites like bitcoin poker sitesnot only advertise them but also trade and exchange.

The bitcoin network – Blockchain

The technology or what we can say that science behind the bitcoin network is Blockchain. It records, monitor, and maintain, secure and time stamp the transactions that make these digital transections possible. The list of records in blockchains is called blocks. It contains the distributed and centralized ledgers that contain lists and piles of information and then it makes secure and unchallengeable data transactions.

The acceptance of cryptocurrency

The hurdle faced by cryptocurrency or bitcoin was the acceptance by world and people far away from each other. Because there is no physical value and also, digital frauds and hacks are on their peak so that people avoid havingdigital wallet. Also, the uncertainty in the world of bitcoin is still in the market. Also, these types of currencies are complicated and also people are afraid of unfamiliar things.

The only people who are accepting bitcoin are those who understand and want to take potential risks. Though, there are no visible risk exposures in this currency.

How to buy bitcoin

There are 3 main steps to follow and you will be having bitcoin digital currency in your hand

First of all, you have to install or download the digital wallet on your mobile phone or any device you use. In simple words, you have to have digital wallet software to get access to the network. Because the wallet will make you enabled to send, receive and transfer bitcoin online. The second step is too crucial and that is why it makes people scared. Here you deposit funds to an exchange that will connect you with the buying and selling network.Now the final round starts when exchange accepts your currency and then allows you to purchase bitcoins. Usually you buy in stocks.

Bitcoin poker sites – What actually they do

These are sites that provide online pokers to play and earn bitcoins; you can also lose in another way. The top three bitcoin poker sites are Ignition, BetOnline and nitrogensports. They allow you to play poker by using bitcoins like they accept just currency of bitcoin and allow you to enter game, play game, enter into pool prizes and many other bonuses.

Before just going to any bitcoin poker site make sure it is quick in payout, reliable and secure in transactions.

The future of bitcoin – the digital cryptocurrency

As this cryptocurrency is all about new and advanced encrypted transactions and we all know future belongs to technology. So the future is all about digital and encrypted currency, feeing in doubt in rise of prices of bitcoin. Soon many other competitors in digital currency will be booming up the industry. Decentralization and globalization is next big global goal, so bitcoin can be a hard brick to this wall.


Bitcoin is no doubt relatively notorious currency because of its digital nature but soon the intrinsic potential and value of this encrypted currency will be in front of everyone. As the advancement in technology is rising day by day, the need for decentralized but encrypted sot of money is mounting too.

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