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Does GamStop Require Stricter Verification

Problem gambling is one of the biggest challenges in the UK today. According to statistics, around 450, 000 people have gambling addiction in the United Kingdom. This problem does not only affect men alone but women and youths alike. The increased number of online casinos and games is what has contributed to the increased number of problem gambling. Many leading websites are committed to providing support to people who are struggling with a gambling addiction in the UK.

GamStop is one of the leading online self-exclusion schemes. In fact, with the new changes, it is soon going to be mandatory for all UK Gambling Commission casino license holders to register with GamStop. However, it has been discovered that GamStop is not all that reliable as banned members can still access gambling sites and bookmakers. This has raised the question of whether GamStop requires stricter verification of its members to make it more efficient.

Is Current Verification Insufficient?

The current verification procedure at GamStop is not as bad as such, but the truth is that it really needs some changes. You can register on their official website at any time to be excluded from online gambling websites. Of course, there are some non GamStop sites not included in the British laws that will soon be required to obtain UKGC licence. Currently, you will be asked to provide the following details to confirm your identity. They include:

A postcode

Date of birth

Personal e-mail address

Note that one cannot register at GamStop on behalf of another person. Once you have registered, you get an email with all the details of your self-exclusion. Sometimes the email takes 24 hours to be effective. The exclusion takes a period of 6 to 5 years, depending on one’s choice. It is one’s responsibility to provide the correct information when signing up to avoid temptations of going back to gambling. Additionally, it is recommended that you keep your details always updated.

GamStop Introduced New Verification Rules

After an open consultation, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is set to release new rules to ensure that gambling is safe. Today, online casino operators will be required to enhance their verification process to ensure that it is carried out appropriately and timely. This will also be applicable to all available games. Each customer’s identity must be verified before they are allowed to deposit funds or place bets at any online casino site.

Another KYC rule dictates online casino operators to verify the age of players in less than 72 hours. This rule will help gamblers from bypassing the exclusion system. Regardless, you are playing for fun or real money; you will be required to verify your age at any UK online casinos. Although free to play games are not illegal, it is not appropriate for them to be accessed by minors and other vulnerable people.

Last but not least, casino operators will also be required to verify the official name, postal code, and date of birth before players can gamble.

What New Rules Means to Players and the Future

These new rules from the UK Gambling Commission are going to make online casinos and bookmakers safe and reliable to use. Currently, players can stake money on their favorite real money games, but they are not allowed to cash out their winnings instantly. This is going to make solve the issue of problem gambling. However, all these new rules are expected to slow down the general registration process. This will affect especially people who love wagering upcoming events like slots tournaments.

The lack of regulatory measures on social platforms is what may slow down the authenticity of the system, which is why it is essential for the self-exclusion scheme to cover even social media sites. We hope that the UKGC will be able to achieve its goals by amending and introducing stricter rules in gambling.

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