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Gambling Halls with slot machines in Films

The most popular films in history contain casino scenes. Game halls are always bright, luxurious and interesting. They also show the faces of players who have won several million dollars and feel the real power of the casino. Curious yet? If you are going to win real money then read this article to the end.

"Echelon Conspiracy": Blackjack and Slot Machines

Frankly speaking, Echelon Conspiracy is weird with a few unexpected casino scenes. The film received only 5.8 points on the popular IMDb portal. Nevertheless, fans of gambling should watch this movie because of a funny scene in a casino filled with agents, secrets and international conspiracies.

The story begins when Max Peterson (a computer programmer) found a mysterious phone in his inbox. Suddenly, the phone received some strange "prophecies." At first, SMS protected Max from a flight that ended in tragedy. After that, it advised to buying shares of unprofitable companies whose price suddenly increased several times. Then, the mysterious phone helped the poor programmer win at the casino. In one of the Prague houses, the hero of the film won €100,000!

This was not enough, so Max Peterson sits down at the Blackjack table. As you already understood, he won. Then he met a government agent, took part in a conspiracy, and so on.

The film premiered on February 27, 2009.

"What Happens in Vegas": When Slot Gives Crazy Win

Perhaps this film doesn’t offer the best casino scene in history, but despite this, it deserves your attention. This is the movie where Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher get married in luxury Vegas. They met at an epic party and after a large portion of alcohol, they decided to get married. The next morning, each of them realized the consequences of this event ... and the main characters of the film decided to divorce.

However, fate always follows a certain plan. After breaking up, Jack (Kutcher) goes to a luxurious gaming room where he wins 3 million dollars after the first spin. Joy (Diaz) knows that she can get at least half of this money as they are still husband and wife. After that, each of them looks for tricky ways to fool each other. Such a story is accompanied by funny moments and a cool atmosphere of the film.

The film premiered in May 2008.

"Run Lola Run" or Roulette Madness

This film is not about the casino industry or slot machines. All events take place around Lola (Franka Potente) who must find 100,000 deutschmarks. The bandits caught her boyfriend and now she can save him.

The film shows Lola who found three ways to earn big money as quickly as possible. As you already understood, a casino is one of them. A desperate and dirty Lola comes to the game room where she goes to the cashier and buys one chip. Weirdly enough, she wins. Here will be the funniest scene when her joyful cry breaks the glass. We don’t want to tell the ending of this story, so we only add that the roulette wheel stopped at her number.

The film appeared in cinemas on June 18, 1999.

How about a crazy win?

Once you read this article you will have only one thought: "Hey, I want to have a weird win moment too." Fortunately, this is possible but you will need to do two things. First of all, you need to show yourself and make at least one bet. Secondly, you have no guarantees.

Therefore, you don’t need to play in the Prague casino and wait for €100,000 win as Max did.

By watching these films you will get enough inspiration to travel to Berlin as Lola or to Prague as Max. By the way, official data shows that 35+ million people visited this city in 2017. You won’t be alone in large gaming halls.

All in all, you can always visit the best gaming platforms on the Internet and you don’t need to spend time and money on a trip to Las Vegas. Maybe these films will give you some useful tips?

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