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Hollywood Movies That You Should Watch This Summer - 2019

The last couple of years have been rewarding for Hollywood. From action, science fiction to comics, we got everything we wished for. But now its time to wrap up everything and pick up the winners. Often times, we get confused about which movies to watch on a particular Sunday? But now you don't have to anymore because our experts have compiled the best movie list for you! Your weekends won’t be the same again!

Here is our list of the top recent movies that you need to watch right now - if you still haven't! Keep on reading...

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom Cruise returns back as Ethan Hunt in this sixth iteration of the Mission: Impossible franchise and delivers a staggering performance which could be the finest action movie of the year since 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie revolves around recovering a trio of plutonium cores with complicated relationships with his former colleagues and his ex-wife. Welcome aboard, the new cast in the franchise, Henry Cavill aka assassin August Walker who is hired by the CIA to assassinate Hunt provided that he refuses to complete his assignment. The sturdy plot with juggling personal and professional relationship, not to mention the awesome fighting scenes (check out the bathroom brawl!) makes this Mission: Impossible a solid win-win!

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Audiences needed a bit of a palate cleanser after Thanos' big snap, and returning director Peyton Reed gave them one. A worthy sequel to 2015's Ant-Man, this follow-up is even more assured, and perhaps even funnier than the original. The film's loose, playful tone and confidently staged action pieces make even more novel use of the hero's size-changing technology than the original, and the film's reasonably low stakes compared to Infinity War make it a great, light break from the MCU's recent trend toward all-out destruction.

Deadpool 2

Fans of Ryan Reynolds eagerly awaited the follow-up to 2016's ridiculously popular R-rated hit Deadpool, and Reynolds, along with incoming director David Leitch didn't disappoint. Fans of the original knew they could expect insane action and over-the-top vulgarity, but most weren't ready for the surprising amount of character building and emotion in the sequel. Plus, as promised, they introduced Cable in this one. Critics gushed over the performances of the entire cast, noting that Deadpool's assembly of the mutant superhero team X-Force. It's the rare sequel that might just surpass its beloved predecessor. And some critics called its post-credits scene the best one ever.

Unfriended Dark Web

Ever played Live dealer games with other players online? What if things go really wrong among the players? That's exactly what happens in the first iteration of Unfriended. In the first movie, the thriller is played on a PC screen and showcases the evils as the other online members sitting opposite the screen. The dark and cheesy humour among the teens slowly turns for the worst when the spirit of a girl they bullied in real life slowly picks them up one by one brutally. The second iteration Dark Web focuses solely that our online lives are not threatened by a ghost but by a secret society of hackers and trolls. The protagonist of the story, Matias (Woodell) usually liked to have fun with his friends online via Skype until things go really wrong! This is a new take on horror flicks and is a must watch for binge-watchers.

A star is born

A classic Hollywood story that's been revisited no fewer than three times since 1937 original, A Star is Born got new life in 2018 with a lovingly crafted retelling that may prove to be not only the finest version of the story put to film, but one of the greatest remakes of all time. Directed by and starring Bradley Cooper, the film tells the story of up-and-coming singer Ally, played by Lady Gaga, who falls in love with an established musician and begins her ascent to stardom even as the career of her mentor and lover begins to decline. Cooper displays some true directorial skills. Adam Epstein of Quartz called his direction, "instinctive [and] remarkably orchestrated", enhancing his own spot-on performance while taking full advantage of Gaga's smoldering star power. To nobody's surprise, she absolutely crushes it in her first big-screen leading role, with piles of notices singling out the realistic chemistry between the two leads and Gaga's"powerful and winning" screen presence.


The films in the Transformers series have produced consistently diminishing reviews both critically and at the box office. You could be forgiven for expecting Bumblebee to offer more of the same. But with director Travis Knight taking over for Michael Bay and working from a smart, '80s-set script, a funny thing happened: Bumblebee debuted to stellar reviews, with near-universal praise for its smaller, more personal story and throwback vibe. Meanwhile, lead Hailee Steinfeld was singled out for her heartfelt, nuanced performance - surely the first time those words have been applied to a Transformers movie.

Black Panther

Ryan Coogler’s exhilarating introduction to Wakanda broke new ground for Marvel. Black Panther appropriately brings diversity and social conscience to the tiring Superhero fatigue with similarly structured capers. With a distinctive, vibrant, thrilling and intelligent addition to the overcrowded superhero landscape, the movie manages to become an impressive addition to the Marvel franchise. Being the first comic book film to score a best picture nomination at the Oscars, coupled with its record-breaking box office revenue, the movie is a must watch for every comic fanatic out there!

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