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How to create a baby registry filled with useful and fun gifts

As your bump gets bigger and bigger, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of things on your to-do list. One of the best parts about the next few weeks will be putting together a baby registry. If your baby shower is coming up, you will need a carefully thought out list of all of the items you want and need for your new arrival.

We’ve come up with the ultimate guide to creating a failsafe baby registry, complete with tips on how to make it and what to include.

Why you need a baby registry

You may be unsure about what a baby registry actually is. Essentially, a baby registry is a wishlist filled with specific baby items from a retail store. Most online registries will allow you to select your favorite items then send the list to all of your family and friends.

Once someone chooses an item from the list, it will no longer be available for others to purchase. This means you cut out the risk of receiving the same adorable onesie five times in a row.

A baby registry is a great way to ensure you get the things you actually need, and your baby shower guests don’t have to spend time worrying about purchasing the wrong thing.

Writing your registry

Babies, though small, need loads of specific baby items. They can be an expensive burden on new parents, so use this opportunity to check some of the major essentials off of your list, along with some fun, cute baby gifts too.

The big essentials

There are a few large items that every family needs to take care of a new baby. Here’s a checklist of which larger essentials to include on your list.

Crib and mattress

Every baby will need somewhere to sleep. Choose a crib that will fit into your nursery, and that follows local safety regulations. You’ll also need a firm mattress that fits the dimensions of your crib perfectly.


There are tons of strollers on the market these days. Whether you want a simple, lightweight pushchair, or you’d prefer a sturdier model, add your favorite stroller to the registry. This is a great gift for a few friends to purchase together.

Baby change table

Another piece of baby-specific furniture, a baby changing table, will be incredibly useful on a daily basis. It will save you plenty of time and effort if your baby changing station is set up on a small table in the nursery rather than on the counter in the bathroom.

Diaper bag

For day trips or walks in the park, you will need a special bag for carrying all of your diaper changing essentials. Find a stylish, sturdy diaper bag that you’ll love to carry around as much as your real purse.

Toy chest

It will be nice to have a cute chest for your baby’s toys that actually match your nursery theme and size. Choose a toy chest that will fit perfectly into the corner of the room, and that will match with your color scheme.

Nursing chair

If you have enough space in your nursery, find a comfortable, spacious chair for nursing your baby. Again, this is a great gift option for a few friends who want to purchase something nice as a group.


Your baby will need a small, light tub for bathtime. Tick this off your list by adding it to your registry.

The small essentials

It’s also a great idea to add some smaller essentials to your list. These items may seem a little dull and mundane for a registry, but you will need to be stroked up on these baby products, so you’ll be extremely grateful to have them in a few months.

Diaper Products

Boring as they may be, your baby will go through a lot of diapers. Add all of the changing necessities to your list, including diapers, diaper cloths, pins, diaper cream, baby wipes, and washcloths. You could even throw in a few baskets or a specially designed diaper organizer.

Baby bedding

While young babies are meant to sleep without blankets or pillows, you may wish to add a few bedding items to your list for decorative purposes. You will need several fitted cotton sheets for your crib. You may also want a few lightweight blankets or quilts.

Bathtime essentials

For bathing your baby, you will need special gentle soap and shampoo that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. Be sure to do some research before selecting these items to make sure they are medically approved for baby use.

Feeding items

For feeding, you will need burp cloths, bottles, a breast pump, milk storage bags, nursing pads, bibs, and pacifiers. If you aren’t breastfeeding, you’ll need formula. You may prefer to buy some of these items yourself, but since you’ll need to buy so many items for feeding, it can be useful to let your friends and family help out.


Babies tend to need changing quite frequently. You’ll need lots of simple, loose-fitting onesies, undershirts, pajamas, and socks. You’ll also need winter accessories if your baby is due to arrive in a colder season.

The fun stuff

Of course, while there are plenty of essentials to add to your list, you will also need some fun baby items too. If you’re looking to add some fun gifts to your list, here are some ideas.

Plush toys

Soft, cuddly toys are great for young babies. Make sure to add some toys that are safe for infants to your list.

Picture books

Add a few hardcover picture books to your list. Think back to your favorites from your own childhood.

Special occasion outfits

In addition to your essential clothing items, add some more extravagant baby outfits to the list. It will be fun to dress up your baby in one of these super cute baby girl rompers from Bitsy if you’re going out for the day or if you have a special event to attend.

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