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Know what to expect during the Home Appraisal Process

Research shows that home appraisal challenges are one of the major causes of delays in mortgage contracts. The leading factor being that potential house buyers are having trouble to access finance. When the home appraisal does not go to plan, there is a risk of the agents terminating the agreement. By choosing the ideal price for the property at, it will be easy to secure financing as a first-time homebuyer.

When taking up a mortgage, home appraisals are a must. Lenders might require an inspection of the house you want to buy when you want to refinance a house. The industry is keen on limiting property buyers from paying more for a place. It promotes fairness in the real estate market between the buyer and seller of the house. Having background information about the process will help you not miss a step. The sooner that the results are out, the earlier you can be on your way to a dream home. Let us delve more into the topic.

An Overview of Home Appraisal

It is the process of determining the value of a property. Mortgage financiers require the information as a backup plan in case of default on loan. Finding out the house's correct value helps them know if they can recover their money plus interests in the future. A potential homebuyer will have to foot the bill of hiring qualified home appraisers.

Coming up with the value of a property includes taking a look at the environment and facilities onsite. The appraisers conduct a thorough inspection of all the rooms and the condition of systems in the house. It assists you to avoid an overpriced place that will be a burden to pay.

What does it include?

After a home appraisal exercise, experts in the profession create a report presented to the mortgage financier. Below are things that the document has;

· Have a brief explanation of valuation methods used on the property. A useful appraiser will be clear on the process of inspection and scoring.

· Show an analysis of trends in the real estate industry. It should show the trajectory of property prices in the area and the global market.

· Engage in the evaluation of all the features in the house and their state that they are in. It is vital to indicate any repair and maintenance needs.

· It considers the immediate community as well as amenities present. Such factors have an impact on the overall pricing of properties.

· Identify any distortion to the architectural design of the house. It includes any item that might affect the value of the place.

Do not confuse an appraiser to architects; they have no expertise in finding structural problems. After all, it is not their work to find them.

The Process of Home Appraisal when looking to sell a property

Home appraisal takes place after a buyer is interested in purchasing a house on sale. After the interested party undertakes inspection and the seller is ready to finalize the deal, the financier sends personnel to look. Their work determines if the house is going for the right price according to the existing market conditions.

The purpose of the lender sending an independent team for house appraisals is to reduce fraud risk. In case the buyer cannot pay the debt, financial institutions want to protect themselves against losses. Here is a look at what to expect during the exercise;

What Appraisers look for

The process of appraisal is standard in the industry. It makes use of a similar form while filling out all the necessary details. The document mostly covers the social community, trends in the industry, amenities, designs, among other information about the property.

For the experts to get accurate results, they conduct an internal and external assessment of the house. They mostly check for the basics in a home and the functionality of the various rooms. More than that, the officers will be keen on the repair and maintenance of the property. The task's purpose is to compare the property with other similar real estate items in the area.

Who should be present?

There is no problem with being present during the home appraisal exercise. However, some people may prefer being out of the area so as not to intimidate the appraiser. The real estate agent needs to be present as the personnel acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller.

What is next after the Exercise?

It may take a maximum of 2 weeks to get the finding of the report. The delay is a result of a background check on the property. It includes checking for compliance with the authority as well as the relevant licenses. The person selling the property can get a copy of the report within one month after submitting a request.

The report contains notes and media evidence of the findings. Statistics and data of the appraised house, among other similar properties in the area, are the results' backbone.

Tips to prepare for a Home Appraisal

Below are a few things to do as a homeowner when planning to sell a house;

· Clean the interiors thoroughly. Try and cover all the spots and leave no item unturned. Cleaning will improve the outlook of the house and creates an excellent first impression for the appraiser.

· Keep the pets away from home. Limiting distractions by pets is an excellent way to ensure that the exercise goes on smoothly.

· It is vital to undertake maintenance of the outdoors. The front lawn is the first visible place, and it is crucial to tidy up the place. Do not forget the back of the house since appraisers will take a look.

· Improve the paintwork if need be. Touching up the painting in and out of the house will minimize the risk of getting negative reviews.

Avoid watering the yard as it may cause mudding around the house.


Do not stop your quest for owning or selling a house due to a lousy appraisal report. Push on as it is just the opinion of one person.

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