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Top-5 minecraft mods

Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon that has managed to maintain its popularity despite the fact that the game has been around for quite a while. This is partly because its simplicity is its charm, and that is one of the major things that attract players to the game.

One of the other major attractions of the game is that it allows players to make modifications of their choosing. This gives them the ability to make the game as they decide to make it, bringing new life to what otherwise may have been something that felt outdated.

Knowing what mods to implement is where things get tricky. There are so many that can change the game for the better. So, which ones should you look into to give your Minecraft an extended life? Here are a few to try.


If you feel like your PC might be running a little too slow for your liking, you should implement this mod. The mod itself acts as a power booster that makes your PC feel faster than ever even if it doesn’t have a strong configuration, to begin with.

While it might have something of a lack of graphics, it improves on that by getting control over the visuals and providing an HD texture to the game. Even if you think your machine is not capable of properly displaying the graphics, you can implement Fastcraft to get an overall improved feel for the gameplay.

The Journey Map

It can be easy to feel lost in the world of Minecraft. It is so open and comprehensive that you can find yourself looking for the way you came and not be able to find it. This is a frustrating experience, especially if you are newer to the game. The Minecraft font is also slightly easier to read as well.

This is where the journey map comes into play. It allows you to see where you’re going in real-time. It is a small map icon that allows you to clarify your overall route as well as mark your favorite places so you won’t ever be lost again.

Not only that, this mod helps to warn you when there are enemies in the area, and you can even view them in your mini-map, making you safer than ever before.

Inventory Tweaks

This actually comes in a pack with a few other mods, so you get lots of great results with just one simple download and install. With the inventory tweaks mod, the game will automatically replace any tools that are broken and in your chest with just a single mouse click.

This is a great tool to have when you are starting out, as you might find yourself frustrated and not able to grasp things. Having new tools at your disposal will allow you to gain access to things you might otherwise not be able to.


If you have ever wanted to feel rich, look no further than this mod. What is it? Well, simply put, it will make you a millionaire in the game. There are plenty of times that you will explore in the game and not find anything of value. That can be super frustrating.

With this mod, you can get the wealth that you need to buy items you might otherwise have to work forever.

The Lost Cities

If the name didn’t tip it off, this mod allows you to gain access to some parts that have been forgotten by the world of Minecraft. You might not see the buildings or industries that are all around, but they are still there.

This mod means that there is a ton to explore and even more to fight against. It allows you to get the kind of exploration that you might not have gotten without the mod. Anything expands the game makes for a great mod, and this mod expands the game exponentially.

The best part is that these are just a couple of the mods available that can make your Minecraft experience even more fun. Explore and experiment with the different types of mods to find the ones that fit you best and provide the most fun.

When you do a little bit of exploring with the mods, you can really improve the overall gameplay and give yourself a ton of things to begin expanding and exploring upon.

We need to say that list of minecraft mods is almost endless, you can find even Tornado Mod, which actually will destroy the city from time to time. Just type in google what Mod you want to see in your game - and probably you will find it.

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